Ocean Explorers 2015 / 2016 Price List

Certified Diver Your BC & Reg Our Gear
Single Tank Dive U$58 U$65
Double Tank Dive U$103 U$112
3 Dives U$146 U$164
4 Dives U$191 U$208
5 Dives U$234 U$260
6 Dives U$279 U$308
7 Dives U$314 U$352
8 Dives U$351 U$398
9 Dives U$386 U$432
10 Dives U$425 U$475
Night Dive U$75 U$80
Discover Scuba Diving U$89  
Resort Dives (2 dives after completing Dsd) U$122  
Resort Dives (1 dive after completing Dsd) U$69  
Nitrox dives - Extra Per Tank U$10   U$10
Certification Courses    
Scuba Diver Course (1 1/2 day) U$350  
Open Water Diver Course (3 days) U$458  
Referral Dives (4 dives) U$298  
PADI PIC card for Referral, if needed U$35  
Continuing Education    
Adventure Diver (3 dives) U$222  
Advanced Open Water (5 dives) U$350  
Rescue U$460  
Dive Master U$948  
*you buy the material + pay PADI application    
Specialty Courses    
Photography (2 dives) U$210  
Digital Camera Rental (2 dives) U$40  
Deep Diver (4 dives) U$285  
Underwater navigator (3 dives) U$218  
Wreck Diver (4 dives) U$275  
Underwater Naturalist (2 dives) U$165  
Peak Performance buoyancy (2 dives) U$165  
Search & Recovery (4 dives) U$285  
Enriched Air Diver (1 day, no dives) U$138  
Emergency First Response U$150  
RUSTY DIVER (refresher) U$72  



All our prices are in US dollars.

The prices including scuba gear apply if you need a regulator and/or a BCD.

Tanks, weight belt, mask and fins are included as part of all packages.

Night dives and Shark Awareness dives are NOT part of the dives packages.

All courses include all required dives, equipment and certification processing fees, they also include all required learning material and books.

** Some specialties may require additional learning material, these are available for purchase or rental at our shop with affordable prices.

Ex: Photo cameras with underwater housing, dive computers, etc.

All prices are subject to change.

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