Proselyte Reef
On this site you'll find some of the remains of HMS Proselyte. She was initially a Dutch frigate and was launched in 1770. Originally named "Jason", she was handed over to the British by a mutinous crew in 1796. In 1801 she discovered and named Prostelyte Reef. Today, the Proselyte's wreck lays at a depth between 20 to 55 ft below the surface and in more than two centuries she has been completely covered with coral. All varieties of fish and marine life can be found here. Remains of the famous frigate are visible including around twenty canons, remains of barrels' metallic hooping, ballast bars, 3 anchors and a vast number of objects attesting to the life aboard these military vessels during the later part of the eighteenth century. The 215 crewmen all came out of the incident safe and sound actively taking part in the settling of English colonies on the island of St. Maarten / St. Martin  in the early 19th century, generalizing the use of the English language on our island. This is a great site-seeing and photographic dive.
Avg. Depth: 20 to 55 feet
Type: Wreck / Reef
Distance: 15 - 20 minutes