Porpoise is a 100', almost completely intact steel tug boat wreck that was sunk on purpose in October of  2003. This hard structure lays with a starboard list in about 90 feet and rises up to about 60 feet of water.  Porpoise is a great wreck dive site that draws in marine life like a magnet. In the sand you can often see huge Southern stingrays, garden eels, peacock flounders and many more. Below deck divers can see the machinery, spiny lobsters, spotted moray eels and squirrelfish. The pilot house is in good condition and is great for underwater pictures! Look out for the big barracuda Poncho :) If she is not in the pilot house take a look around; she must be chasing some poor school of fish around the wreck :) :) :)
This Site is also great for penetration for those divers that are qualified, or to complete the wreck diver specialty!

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Avg. Depth: 90 / 70 Feet
Type: Wreck
Distance: 5  minutes