If you look at this site from above,  it looks like you are viewing the surface of the moon. The attraction of this dive is not the colorful coral like we see at many other dive sites. Instead what attracts us to this site is the diversity of tropical marine life.  At a shallow depth it is a very long reef ledge whose border separates the sandy bottom and a hard flat bottom with round undercuts.  These "moon-like" features defined the name of this site and over time the water movement excavated under the hard terrain creating a large overhang.  Erosion has caused some of ledges to break loose from the main structure creating a great habitat for lobsters, shrimp, crabs, anemones, etc. Small nurse sharks and turtles also love to nap under these reef rocks. On the sand we usually see a lot of rays in many different sizes. 

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Avg. Depth: 30 to 40 feet
Type: Reef
Distance: 5 minutes from the dive shop