Lucy's Baarge
Lucy's Barge is one of many wreck dives here in St. Maarten. The ships real name was HVALP, owned by Lucy, and was used as an inter-island cargo ferry. HVALP was sank on purpose in 1991 and has been broken up by storms over the years. There is less and less of Lucy's barge that is recognizable . The largest piece of wreckage is about 10 feet high and most of what can be seen are the ribs of the boat . The propeller and engine is still visible as well. When diving  this artificial reef you can see a great variety of marine live to enrich the dive, and we may even combine the dive with other sites near by. 

Another good place for close-up photography.

Avg. Depth: 60 Feet
Type: Wreck
Distance: 10 - 20 minutes