Isabella Reef
Isabella is a deeper reef just 5 to 10 minutes from the dive shop. The reef got its name from a small wooden sailboat that was sunk there on purpose in the 90's, but has since disintegrated due to passing hurricanes. The reef has a round shape and is surrounded by sand which has become home for hundreds of garden eels, hermit crabs, stingrays and many more creatures. At the deepest point of the reef, in 100 feet of water, there is a fairly large overhang and several holes on the reef providing shelter for bigger critters such as nurse sharks, lobsters and usual suspects like eels and crabs. The reef is mainly flat with a gentle slope of 45 degrees leading to its center at 80 feet on the top of the reef. Here you will see a great variety of gorgonian sponges covering the whole area, with the huge barrel sponges offering temporary homes for squirrel fish and snappers along with many more fish species. We usually start the dive looking inside the small reef holes and overhangs near the bottom, and gradually make our way to the higher portion of the reef, exploring along the way, and consulting our dive computers for a longer bottom time. Isabella reef is a great dive for experienced divers and is one of the best options when conducting advanced courses, as we can use this dive for deep, nitrox, multilevel or computer specialties.

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Avg. Depth: 100 / 80 Feet
Type: Reef
Distance: 5 to 10 minutes from the dive shop