The Gregory
The Gregory is a barge that was sunken in 1993, sitting upsidedown in about 50 feet/16 meters of water with a reef surrounding the wreck. The reef is not really high but offers a great variety of corals and sponges. The wreck itself is about 100 feet long and mostly intact. On the starboard side it has a opening, offering an easy access to the interior of the wreck. For divers who would rather stay solely outside of the wreck, the barge offers lots of port holes that allows divers to inspect the inside. When diving around the Gregory it is common to see scorpionfish, angelfish,  snappers, parrotfish, grunts, filefish, barracuda, pufferfish, moray eels, southern stingrays and many yellowhead jawfish.... Brave little seargent majors lay their eggs on the wall of the wreck, with the males coming toward and divers getting too closey to protect their eggs. The walls are also a paradise for little blennies! On the inside of the ship we see more creatures with nocturnal habits; like fish with bigger eyes - "squirrelfish" and "glass eye snappers" - along with Caribbean spiny lobster, spotted lobster,  spanish lobster and all kind of shrimps and crabs. A turtle or dolphin may just show up to join the party of abundant marine life! So dive down, go nice and slowly to explore this beautiful wreck.

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Avg. Depth: 45 to 60 ft
Type: Wreck
Distance: 10 to 15 minutes from the dive shop