The Fuh Sheng
The Fuh Sheng is a wreck of a 120 foot Taiwanese fishing vessel laying on its port side in 100 feet of water. What is it doing here anyway?? This is undoubtedly a great deep / wreck dive.... and right now it's an excellent penetration dive for experienced divers. Fuh Sheng was delivered to the bottom in 1995, but she did not go down without a fight! A big air pocket got trapped leaving the bow sticking out above water. As night came the bow of the ship was still sticking out presenting a great danger for other vessels sailing in the area, requiring a boat to stay over night patrolling the area. The next day, in order to win this long battle a commercial diver had to climb onto the bow with a torch and cut a hole allowing air to escape... and there she went .. with the stern first .... leaving a huge hole on the sea floor around 90 ft below the surface. The bow touched the bottom second and now sits at 114 ft from the surface. The mooring line is attached to the bow which makes for a very thrilling descent . When descending, if you look down you can see the gorgeous dark caribbean blue water, and just a few feet below surface you start seeing the big ship wreck laying peacefully underneath. When you land on the sandy bottom keep your eyes open for hundreds of garden eels. From the eel encounters we can start swimming on the deck area, or what used to be the deck and pilot / crew house. During the dive you may encounter big caribbean spiny lobsters, spotted morays, stingrays on the sand, small sharks swimming around and many many fish. It is also fun to take a quick look inside the wreck or even a long one if we are doing the wreck specialty. Oh no! It's time to go up. But wait! A photo with the huge propeller is a must have! On the way up often you have the company of jacks and barracuda which serve as great company during the safety stop! :)

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Avg. Depth: 90 to 114 Feet
Type: Wreck
Distance: [Distance from dive shop in minutes] 15 minutes