Turtle Reef
 This long and bountiful reef ledge lays in 60 feet of water at it's deepest point, with the top of the reef overhangs reaching up to 50 feet. Here you will find a great variety of marine life from octopus to sea turtles, and pufferfish to stingrays! This site never fails to dissapoint, and offers divers new experiences each time. When conditions allow, Turtle Reef can also be made a drift dive in which we follow the length of the reef ledge and enjoy the large concentration of marine life calling this reef home. Lately we've been lucky enough to have a juvenile green sea turtle named Lily join along on many of our Turtle Reef dives. This cute little girl seems to enjoy playing in the bubbles of the divers :)
Avg. Depth: 50 to 60 Feet
Type: Reef
Distance: 5 to 10 minutes from the dive shop