Carib Cargo
Carib Cargo got his name in 1986. The original name was San francisco (some say is bad luck to change a ship's name). Carib Cargo is a roll-on roll-off ship and was badly damaged in one of the worst hurricanes in St. Maarten history; Hurricane Luis in 1995. The ship continued floating anchored in Great Bay for severals months... until the approach of  Hurricane Bertha in 1996.  Before the approach of Bertha a commercial diving company was hired to "get rid of it", and secretly they did…. It took us "Dive Shops" more than a year to find the ghost ship. Until recently many of the dive shops around the island called the wreck "Carib Ghost". The ship sunk on a sand plateau where many southern stingrays can be seen especially in summer time. There are also some wreckages and reef balls surrouning the wreck attracting much additional life including moray eels and octopus. As many years have passed since the time the ship went down, Carib Cargo is now one of the best wreck dives in St. Maarten and is definitely the wreck with the most marine life diversity. During a dive is common to see various schools of fish, southern stingrays, eagle rays, barracudas, lobster, green turtles, morays, sharks and occasionally dolphins. Many of those can be see in one dive. 
For the Adventure Dives this is a great site. Many of the specialties in the Advanced course or specialty courses can be conducted here; like Nitrox to extend your no deco time. for example. For the wreck specialty you can explore outside AND inside the wreck. For photography bring your wide angle lens. And for fish identification you will be amazed by the diversity of marine life! " From big to small, Carib Cargo has it all " :)

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Avg. Depth: 60 feet
Type: Wreck
Distance: 10 minutes