Located just a short  boat ride from the Dive Shop, this dive site gets his name from the concrete pilings from the old Simpson Bay drawbridge that were dumped in 47 feet of water in the late seventies; piling up over each other on the flat sandy bottom at random. Nearby, and within swimming distance we can visit three wrecks; a large sailboat Vinney that was laid to rest and a smaller sail vessel called " Atlantis" that was added to complement the site. As this man-made reef was created many many years ago, it has attracted generations of grunts, snappers, pufferfish, eels, lobsters, barracudas and much more who are now full time residents of the area, and seemingly unafraid of divers. In the sea grass patches, you can spot conchs feeding from small crustaceans and stingrays half-buried in the sand.  But don't let the abundance of Caribbean critters distract you from looking out in the open once in a while,  as larger animals (think dolphin!) have been seen enjoying the area as well. We have recently enjoyed the company of a green sea turtle named Swimmerette who has made the variety of wrecks and abundance of seagrass her home. This is a great place for photography, videography  and to sharpen your navigation skills finding the wrecks. Your mission for the navigation on the advanced course or specialty course will be to find "Atlantis"  :) :) :) The Bridge is a great dive site for all levels of  experience and prides itself on being one of the sites with the highest concentration and variety of marine life! Don't be shy, take a peak at the selection of the photos and videos from the old bridge!

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Avg. Depth: 45 Feet
Type: Wreck
Distance: 5  minutes