When Planning your trip:

  • What Wetsuit to pack?
    The climate is warm all year around, and in our “winter season” (November – March) a 3 mm wetsuit should be plenty, some divers with little body fat or acclimatized to the tropics may appreciate having a hood or 5mm suit during this time. In our "summer season" (April – October) a shorty wetsuit should be enough with many divers using only a swimsuit during this time. If you are planning multiple dives over a week or two you may want a long 3mm for prolonged stay in the water.

    Winter Temperature: AIR  73-85°F/24-30°C
    WATER  77-80°F/25-27°

    Summer Temperature: AIR  80-100°F/27-38°C
    WATER  81-84°F/28-29°C


  • Should I bring my dive equipment?
    Although there’s nothing better than using your own personalized scuba gear, these days many divers are choosing to leave their gear at home due to strict baggage regulations on airline carriers. We can supply all equipment needed to dive. If you have personal items such as a flashlight, favourite mask, etc, then please do bring these to help make your dives more enjoyable. We would like you to know that at Ocean Explorers you’ll find updated scuba gear in great shape and extremely well maintained, available in all sizes should you decide to rent the gear during your dives.

  • What do I absolutely need in order to go diving?
    The most important thing of all is your certification card.
  • Log books are great to keep a track of where have you been diving and noting each experience you had, but a dive card is a necessity for you to get on the dives if you are a certified diver. Our dive center can check with your certification agency if you have lost your card but make sure to inform us with your data prior to the day you are diving to avoid any disappointments should we not to be able to track your information down.

  • For those diving for the first time on one of our beginner programs, all you need is to be in good health or have a doctor’s release form in case of health issue. Make sure to check with us should you have any questions or concerns about a problem you may have.

    Your D.A.N card if you have one, is fantastic insurance for divers that can also work well as a travelers insurance.

    IMPORTANT: Ocean Explorers will not take someone without a proper proof of dive certification when going a certified diver’s trip.

During your trip:

  • What currency is used on the island?
    As St Maarten / St. Martin has two different countries you will most likely deal with separate currencies. On the Dutch side, where Ocean Explorers is located, you’ll find the US dollar to be widely used even though local currency is the guilder. Most prices on shops and restaurants will show both prices. On the French side the currency is the fluctuated Euro and they may change US dollars at a daily rate, although many shops & restaurants will do 1Eu=1US$

    Ocean Explorers will accept either, as well as most major credit cards.
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