Day Dive Trip to Saba

Ocean Explorers - Saba Day Trip

For those of you who are interested in diving in Saba, we can book the trip for you once in St Maarten. You would be diving with one of the three Saba local dive operators and our partner for over 10 years.

The options are :

  • Take a ferry (1 hour 30 min) which leaves Simpson Bay at 8am and cost $ 80.00 round trip plus $15 tax. Arrive at Fort Bay where the dive shops are located, (2 dives max.). Return to St Maarten around 5 pm.

    Upside: The ferry is cheaper and more convenient than flying;

    Downside: if sea conditions are not favourable, it is a rough crossing.



  • Board a Winair plane leaving as early as 7 am from Juliana airport everyday (cost can vary from $ 100.00 up to U$ 187.00),  and is a 15 min flight. Once in Saba, you must take a taxi to the dive shop which is on the opposite side of the island.

    Upside: you can do a 3 tank dive (instead of two), the first dive being the deepest and probably the most unique (pinnacle dive).

    Downside: The flight is more expensive, and ultimately more time consuming than the ferry.

A double tank dive in Saba costs $ 120.00, add U$ 15 for rental gear. Plus $ 4.00 per dive for the Saba Marine Park and 4% tax.Ocean Explorers - Saba Day Trip

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